Monday, September 17, 2007


wow this is harsh...
"If I claim to hear radio transmissions in my head and I profess that I am an alien from Delgar-5 sent to save the world, I am hardly hire able and will likely be fired at the first opportunity, and I may even be committed for psychiatric treatment.But if I claim I talk daily to
some invisible man in the sky who metaphysically raped a virgin and impregnated her with his bastard son 2000 years ago

, just so that son could wander around the desert with a whore and a band of hippies prior to being sacrificed and resurrected for the future sin of mankind, oh yeah and on Sundays I EAT him... well there is nothing crazy about that. Right? That is a religious belief and should be respected."

those looney atheists :P

utter blasphemy

tee hee hee...

...and it was only yesterday after church that I picked up a handout on Catholic Apologetic.

"But do it with gentleness and reference reverence" was printed somewhere on it.

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