Sunday, September 30, 2007


I spent a considerable amount of time today hanging out by the pool (not actually in the pool and not actually donning swimsuit) with the cooler and nicer people.

Topics covered:
  • So and so
  • Another so and so and so and so
  • Some other so and so
  • A case study on a certain night life activity
  • Cross-continent travel
  • Raising family
  • Wildlife, plant life
  • Cannabis cultivation
  • The difference between the wave, current, beach condition on the Atlantic and Pacific oceans
  • A group of native people who refused to be controlled by a certain government, who in the same time is successfully maintaining that kind of autonomy
  • The existence of car washing system bar none (involving female associates in minimum to nothing covering and soaps, lots of soaps)

Sometimes, simple meaningful conversations are just the things you need to recharge.

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Anonymous said...

pesan buat NY:
can you fwd your resume to me?
i'm asking my friend if she has job openings in her company.. dia nggak di engineering dept but she can pass it on to them.