Sunday, September 02, 2007

He Loves Indonesia

another room is semi-finished

over the weekend?

i bought frames buat lukisan sendiri in my room...then moved the paintings u hated in the new room

ha ha
kinda messy
bedding made in tanah abang

ahhahaah's pretty damn good

this is hte new room?
looks like your bedroom

uniform look
yg beda cuman beddingnya
this is mine

you know, the bride has to make herself the star of the show...that's why they have ugly dresses for the bridesmaids


hihi...this room is supposed to be ugly gitu
not almost the same as yours

he he
what do u think of the tanah abang bedding

bagus kok
couldn't see the difference

TOTAL cost...50 bucks

that's cheap!

ada bisa pesen
gue bawa aja majalah gue...
bikin kaya gini

you can make a line gitu
*insert name* for Matahari ? hihihi

paling enak bisa pesen mau kaya apa
i love indonesia

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