Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Was he flirting with moi (and most importantly, did I flirt back?)? Or is this just a waste of heart space? FYI, this was the guy from yesterday's post.

Scene 1
Out of the blue, he asked "Are you dating anyone?"

"Nah, not really. I don't have time for that kind of stuff."

"Oh come on, we can always make time."

"Well, I date my research, it's been going on steady for four years now. "

"Yeah, is he good with you? Does he cook you dinner? What time are you coming here? What time are you leaving?"

"9 or 10, and I'll twelve hours later. And then I'm going to the Rec once or twice during weekdays. I don't go out much on the weekend."

"OK, but do you drink?"

"Yeah, I could, but not really. Well, I picked up a nice bottle of raspberry wine from that trip, you know, I like the after taste."

And then I told him the margarita story. He laughed hard.

Scene 2
He asked about a plethora of small information of my background.

"So, you're from Indonesia. Did you come here or were you born here?"

I told him about R*u*m*b*a*i and that I went here for school.

"The reason I asked is that your English is pretty refined."

"Hey, 10 years, it could've been better."

"I know some Phillipinos and Vietnamese people back in my middle school, and they have pretty thick accent. But not you."

Scene 3
I read my paper, he did his sudoku. We sat side by side. In between, he asked about what the paper was about.

Btw, the first time he opened the (school) newspaper, he went straight to the funnies.

"Straight to the funnies..." I commented.
"Hey, survey said, 80% of people who live and breathe went straight to the comics section."
"Nice to know I'm not the only one..."

"Look at this drawing. Before they draw girls with big breasts and stuff, and then they were protested for it not being the real case. And then they started drawing fat ones, and that didn't work well either. Now, they ended up with this boxy caricature."
"Ha ha. Do you draw?"
"No, I don't" (Bu Didi, the guy's not that Renaissance after all, hi hi hi)

Scene 4
I filled up part of the crossword puzzle from the newspaper. He came over and sat beside me. I handed him the pencil and kinda worked it with him (I'm imagining future date activities: crossword puzzles, brain games, etc.). He finished it in less than 5 minutes with coy. "This is easy."

What an alpha male!

Scene 5
He put his hands on the ice-water mixture and casually put one of them on my upper arm.

"What are you doing?"
"I put my hands on the ice mixture. I'm bored. I'm bugging you."
I looked at my watch. "It's almost over, 20 minutes to go."


chrysalic said...

ooohhhh how exciting!!!

"Nah, not really. I don't have time for that kind of stuff."

it's a big NO NO saying this line, sayang... come on, be more flirty!

nadia said...

he seems like a nice guy. i approve. who is he?

Xinda said...

I will. I kinda like him. :)

Xinda said...

Ade: my TA! Huahuahuah...

Anonymous said...

give him your best pick up line then Miss X

X: Tangan kamu dingin, mau saya hangatkan???
The TA guy: What?????


Xinda said...

PARAH, orang sampe nyembur ketawa....

This chat was equally hillarious too, ya, Princy...

NY says:
kalo ditanya are you dating someone
jawabannya bukan nahh not really
tapi no, i don't have one. i wish i am not single
gitu lohhh

X says:
sambil ditanya itu muka orang udah merah babon
gimana pula orang mo jawab2 I wish I have one

NY says:

Anonymous said...

And btw, from his response, "oh come on, WE can always make time". Does that mean that he's asking you to date him? Because of the use of WE in that sentence sounds like he kinda wants you guys date. Hehehehe


Anonymous said...

Scene 1:
he's flirting. but he's in nothing too lose mode. didnt care u bite it or not (which is the rite attitude).. i think he's interesting guy.

"Nah, not really. I don't have time for that kind of stuff." you can use that line for someone with NON nothing too lose (try hard) and give him more challange. something easier "I havent meet someone interesting yet" or similar will work.

Scene 2-4:
You guys in confort mode (try to get to know each other?). he knows or subconciously know that you attracted to him already (and I bet you do :p) and I dont think he get bored yet because...

Scene 5:
He touched you (getting physical). sounds not right, but this is a good indication and actually a good move. dont get freak out and let him do his move again (as far as you confortable with it).

Scene 6 - so on:
Hook and Release: show him that you are really into him one time then push him (you are not into him) then repeat... no too much though
(use your intuition, that works better then any theory)

good luck X ;)

Xinda said...

Ah what a nice analysis, Ms. Re. I learn a lot from you all.

We'll see, the guy might deserve his own category here.

One thing for sure, if he really is attracted to moi, I won't take the matter to heart. It's simply a casual fling and having fun type of stuff.

kodoque said...

umm..it's been a while since my last comment no?

so THIS guy..was he the one that walked with you the other day?
before I unceremoniously disturbed your conversation?

aaa..what did i doo? hahahha.

hum..he's TALL!!!!

Xinda said...

Ms. Erika, you've seen the guy, yes. He's really tall. 6'6 to be exact. What do you think, Sis?

kodoque said...



kakkk!!! uhauhauhuahua...kok ika jadi ikut deg2an yah? HAHAHAHAHAHA..

Helinda said...
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Anonymous said...

Ya, do I look annoyed? Hu hu hu. Ah, nggak bakal ada apa2 lah. I guess he was like that to any girl. Nothing special.