Saturday, September 29, 2007

H. Depressus

What will you do on a Saturday morning/afternoon when you just got a rejection from a dream job at a dream company the night before?

By this time, you had immediately pulling yourself up and applied online to as many as opportunities as you can get hold of with other big and famous companies a bit beyond your comfort level.

And to top it off, the one guy that you innocently lead to believe is the "love of your life" might have just become unavailable.

Getting drunk with exactly 37.5 cl of raspberry wine? That's not even enough to make you tipsy.

Meditation, self-introspections, prayers, and moving on. So help me, God.

1 comment:

nadia said...

lets get icecream tonight. that will make you feel better! even if just a teeny tiny bit.

a song to make your day alittle brighter :)