Monday, September 03, 2007

A Happy Birthday

I held NY at knife-point the day before, "I don't want any surprise party!"

"No, I am not planning for anything, " she said with that poker face of hers, I should have known better.

Instead of an over-rated surprise party, I am planning a quick family (and significant others of family)-only trip to the ice cream place that night. I have to go back to the lab afterward.

At the appointed time, my brother picked me up from school, without NY. "She's still in shower," he said. That was uncharacteristic of her to be late for any eating-out arrangement, but I didn't think of it as much.

Long story short, we needed to go back to the apartment to pick her up, but then, instead of just waiting in the car for NY to come out, he told me to go inside the apartment. Only then I began to suspect something fishy was going on. A quick observation of the guest parking area and the surrounding area yielded the sight of Ika's car and what looks like Ade's car parked illegally by the firelanes with its lights on.

When the apartment door opened, everybody yelled "SURPRISE". It was so loud that the neighbors on the left and right apartments went out to see what was going on. The two guys even went inside with us for candles blowing. To my surprise, one of them is my student in class today. (Side track: there's always something going on with me and one of my students around my birthday. See this post for what happened on last year's.)

Needless to say, it was the greatest surprise ever. Thank you guys! Thank you for your presence and most importantly thank you for the wonderful presents and cards. :P

Not pictured: the dark chocolate ensembles from NY. I laughed so hard after I opened it (inside joke).

List of birthday wishers in chronological order:
Mama & Tato (text messages on Sunday)
Bu Detta (blog comment AND Facebook, she's really the queen of social networking)
Ade (blog comment)
People in FD (Shinta was the initiator, it was from FS ya, Bu?)
Bu Didi's (shorter than usual) call during her drive to a BBQ, she was lost hence the shorter call
Dedy in the elevator
Mr. Cusack on FS message :)
Jen from AA 62 on Facebook
Kim on Facebook
Ika on the phone and then at the party
A phone call from T!!! (so sweet, akhirnya denger juga suara elu lagi)
Jeng Ren, Edna, Nani on FS comment

I guess that's about it. It is memorable, indeed.

Don't have the picture with everyone on it yet. I'm leaving you with this for now...he he he. THANKS!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy 28th bday Prinster. Biar people knows that you're indeed very oldd...but young at heart...


Anonymous said...

i said i "ALMOST" got lost. me never get lost. me have a built-in gps system in me head, remember? :P