Sunday, September 02, 2007

Not Much Change

a year ago today, gue ama gym buddy di gym nih...on elliptical machines...trus masuk2in time, weight, age di programnya, dia bilang "Nda, ini hari terakhir loe masukin 26 ya, besok udah 27"
ntar malem gue ke gym lagi, hari terakhir masukin 27, besok udah 28

tomorrow's ur bday?

technically it's already the third di Indo

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! * ticker parade *

thank you!
but everytime around my birthday, I always felt miserable

ha ha
don't's just a number

soundtracknya aja 1979 nya Smashing Pumpkins


hahah iya just a number but it's also a timeline
ah udahlah banyakan depresi nya hahahah

the stupid clock sounding its alarm again huh?

I'll make it a go to the gym on the day before my birthday

ha ha
well i'mm off to bali... ngaben di kampung
bakar2 daging org

have you ever watched Silence of the Lamb and sequels?

hell no
have a good birthday ya!
eat well sleep well

hahaha drink well?

masya allah!!!

but I have to teach tomorrow and the day after


okeh have fun drive save good luck with dr. Crazy

cya from the other side...of the ocean haha


-chrysalic- said...

heavy bird day, non... :)

nadia said...

hi kakak! someone's turning 28 i see! Haha.. wah! Ngapain donk kt ni? Kak, i'm the new secretary now! I did alot of thinking and i think that's a good position for me! Gives me time to prepare for next year, klo bner2 mau run buat pres of permias! Anyhoots, let me know if there's anything goin on for your birthday. Love you! And may this year bring you much happiness and joy.. And a significant other! Haha..