Monday, October 01, 2007

Drama Queenery

In the middle of the crazy things that are life, boys are welcomed distractions:

  • Was asked about my Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, was told about his plan to take over my job next semester, listened to his involvement in a student-lead activity to relive a certain school flaming tradition, and discussed our favorite books! Good thing was that there was no red face evolved on my part.
  • Helped another boy on an urgent analyzing stuff to be included on his dissertation, and as a token of his gratitude was taken to a late dinner and lots of gossiping.
  • Exchanging social networking messages with a boy who told me he saw me late night on a weekend two weeks ago. And I didn't even think he saw me then. No, the exchange didn't lead anywhere except that I asked him to keep his eyes open for job opportunities for me with the company he's going to work for next year. That's still something, right? Ha ha.

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