Monday, October 15, 2007


Oh well, it's been a disappointment to experience a level off of flirtatious move from a certain lanky geeky guy. I know I've lost him.

Today, our conversation touched the subject of birth control...from the point of view of a certain religion.
"I, for the most part, agree with the Catholic Church. It's the birth control I'm having a bit of problem with."

"Yeah? Me too. I haven't really thought about it. I mean, I agree completely with the Natural Family Planning, but when it comes down me, I'd say it won't be as practical."

"Yeah? The object is to prevent something from happening, what's the difference with pills?"
Note: We both know and to some point agree to the reasoning behind NFP, it's just the actual practice and discipline. You just have to be a very devout Catholic to be able to practice it.
"I don't know, it becomes too mechanical to me, and so unnatural."

"It all boils down to taking those temperatures, waiting for the right time, or not the right time, and, of course it's different for different woman."

"Yeah, to me it's almost reaching a point of sex is exclusively for creation, never for recreation. Funny, I never think about it this far. I mean, assuming I met a Catholic guy, assuming he wants to do it this way..."

"Hey, I know Catholic guys or girls that married people of other religions, and they still practice NFP. Some Catholics don't practice it and still want to have fun. To me, 30$ a month is better than 2000$."

"What do you mean?"

"30$ for birth-control a month compared if you have to finance a child every month...ha ha.."

So, this has been direction of conversation with him. I just couldn't act differently, and by different I mean to be flirtatious. It's just not me apparently. We then moved on to the education for our (respective) future off-springs.
"I have always wanted to attend a Catholic school. But it was never meant to be. One of my dreams is to send my kids to Catholic schools. If I couldn't go, then my kids should go."

"I want my sons to attend my high school [that parochial all-boy school in Bell*aire]. Part of the reason I want to stay in Houston and work in Houston is just that. I don't think I want to send my daughter to St. Ag*nes [that parochial all-girl school across the parking lot of his high school]."

He told me the reasons, I don't feel like writing them down here.

Ah, just another heartbreak.

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