Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Before I Forgot

Just got back from ToT. Speaker was none other the Most Reverence Bishop Aymond of Diocese of Austin. My friend told me how they'd tried to get him to speak at our ToT for three years now, until last year when one of them met him in the airport and begged, so to speak, for his time for this year's ToT.

What I've learned from him, other than the gist of the talk it self, is that a good speaker now how to keep a short, clear, and edifying talk to accommodate for audience's attention span. He made it in less than 30 minutes but opened up the floor for questioning and discussion for another hour.

Things to keep in mind and to ponder later on:
  1. Your relationships with others are reflective of your relationship with God.
  2. Relationship with God, like your relationships with others, has its up and down. Embrace it.
  3. Church was built by God, apostolic, and holy, but it also "runs" by human, and with that Church has human-like quality, i.e., bounds to make mistakes.
  4. Your image of God defines your relationship with him.
  5. The peril of separation between God from intellectual mind and God in heart.

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