Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Health is Overrated

  1. Nosebleed today. I should've recognized that uncharacteristic pressure in my head as the perfect indicator everytime.
  2. Hair loss. I shrieked at the sight of more than a handfull of fallen hair in my hand.
  3. Never feeling full. My brain never got that signal to stop munching once I start.
  4. General tiredness. It's time to resume Rec'ing, I've neglected it this week and last. And with the amount of eating I've been doing, I feel more like an overgrown whale.
  5. The Dotty. I've never been this out-of-cycle for years.

R stopped by today, asked about some publication matter, and wrote something on my whiteboard.

"Como what?" I said.
It turned out he wrote "Hola, Como Estas?" Totally random.

"Seriously, I'm worried about finding jobs. Aren't you? But you don't look worried," I said.

The guy has always kept his cool: the TA job, the research, the conferences, the prelim.

"I am. But I'd been in S*******'s group. I've been trained hard. I can face anything now."

"Good for you."

It's hard to believe how a certain feeling has disappeared without I even realized it.

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