Saturday, October 13, 2007

Mixed Review

Say, mo nonton nggak?

Boleh, mo nonton apa?

Michael Clayton, itu loh ceritanya rada-rada epik kayak Lord of The Rings, jadi si George Clooney flashback ke biblical time. Gua suka deh yang model gitu-gitu.

Oh, ok boleh. Tadinya gue mo nonton Elizabeth sih, ok juga yang ini. Ya udah ketemu di sana aja ya, baru dari Rec nih mo mandi-mandi dulu.

And then I went home and took a shower. For no particular reason, even though I was just going out for a movie with a friend, I wanted to put on some attractive outfit and some make up. I was about to go a step further on the beautification, i.e., to straightened my hair, but there wasn't enough time.

Anyway, once I arrived, he already bought me the ticket.

"Rapi amat...gue udah kayak gembel gini, gue pikir lagi pengen nyantai."

"Oh, haha, gak papa kok, gue aja lagi pengen dandan, wiken gitu loh."

There we sat for two hours. We arrived right at the end of the previews.

Halfway through the movie, I had doubt on how the storyline ever would ever transfer back to the biblical time; it was a group of corporate lawyers divided into the classic two categories of bad guys and good guys. I like it anyway. He, on the other hand, seemed not to enjoy the movie.

What kind of reviews he read, I wonder. This is exactly like that one Friends episode where Rachel baked a Thanksgiving pie but mixed up the recipes for a meat pie and one of the fruit pies.

Bu then, it was partly my fault too. I barely had time to beautify myself, let alone to read any of the movie reviews. Sorta a messed up priority, don't you think?

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