Thursday, October 18, 2007


This week, I easily had more than 12-hour working day and yet it feels doesn't mean I got a lot of things done. Among the non-productive activities, and by non-productive I mean interfering with paper writing, I was involved with:
  • Assisting with safety inspection
  • Baby-sitting the new student
  • Cleaning my part of the lab, doing unnecessary calibration
  • Going across campus to buy some type of protective wear
  • Dealing with students who wanted a regrading of their report
  • Making poster presentation for the research in preparation for a visit from a company representative
  • Picking up packages for the lab
  • Researching and buying (paperwork and stuff) for lab equipment
No room for breathing. No time for anything else. No wonder I'm still a ...

On the other hand, I got to talk (for 30 minutes) with the company representative who asked for a copy of my resume. A knowledgeable person, yet still humble, and assertive.

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