Thursday, October 25, 2007

Live Blogging: The Academe Wanna Be

having a crisis of confidence
I looked at that N*C*SU profs are like dewa/dewi gitu

ha ha

I think they'll laugh at my application

isn't there a placement office or soemthing at ur department?

placement office? career center?

well...not for undergrads
for teaching jobs for Phd candidates
usually lewat ur professors bukan? they'll recommend this or that school

oh let me tell you something....the letter is dated Oct 17...pdhl job opening udah dari September 23 gitu...and it'll be supposedly "closed" next Monday....jadi mereka tuh nggak nganggep A&M dari awal kali ya

well N*C State is a real intense industry supported research place..

I know
I'm just turning it in...see what kind of response (or lack of)

yeah...why not

eh...belum turn in sih,...right now working on my planned research and teaching


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