Sunday, November 04, 2007


this is so random
you know Bee Movie?


I planned to watch it Friday night
on Friday afternoon, a bee landed on me

gigit gak

fortunately no....or was it unfortunate? If I got stung...I would need to stuff something with tissue to keep them in balance



it landed there?

gila ya? gede lagi
I remember Indonesian bee to be this teeny tiny thing


hahaha I hope this size deficiency is not generalized to everything else


aduh aduh baru juga ke gereja...what's up with me and my...

we are a smaller race...height and probably everything else
it would be weird if asians are shorter but have larger...that


ah forgot the WITA deal


lucky you didn't move to Papua or somewhere

no...can't...they don't have large enough kotekas

...and to think I was pulled in the last minute as an Eucharistic Minister (EM) today. Last minute as in, the communion rail already started. MM handed me a special necklace they use for EM and escorted me to get a cup from Fr. D at the altar.

My sister and I made Bakso for International Mass reception, by made I mean we mixed chicken broth, some shallots, Asian-store-bought meatballs and rice noodles together. We also made Es Campur. The last was definitely a hit (among the Philipinos most of all, they came for seconds!!!).

Also, I spent a nice afternoon with my dearest friends GSA and ANB at the mall and I'm not a mall person. :)

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