Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Boring Boring

In conjunction with what I said here, I found another point to list into the parallelism. During salary negotiation in job seeking process, the one who came up with a number first generally lost. Same thing with asking somebody out, when things goes south, it's probably primarily counted as the asker's lost. All these stemmed from an epiphany that I believe I innocently invited somebody to a public event, on which he probably thought it was me asking him out indirectly. Dang it. I did not have such intention. He didn't come anyway and listed the perfect excuses for it.

On the health front, I feel sleepy, bloated, and suffer from some kind of a back problem. I don't feel like staying for more work after teaching. I have an info session to attend to in a couple of minutes, which makes me automatically miss the last ToT of this year. I'm planning to go home right after.

Today also, we (J and I) played human relation management on a group in class. I can never be to hard on these students. It's just my nature. We'll see if the management style we came up with for the three group members work perfectly. It's nice when your school can accommodate for your learning disability.

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