Wednesday, November 21, 2007


For whatever reason, today I dressed myself in a skirt and a cute top. I wore full make-up and (kitten) heels too. All of those because I had foreseen no need to enter the laboratory; adding into it was the holiday mood, you know, since Death-by-Pies day is approaching.

It turned out I needed to enter the laboratory, not for a plethora of measurement work but for actual hard-laboring. Bulk of it was the work with a resurrected pump and the setting up of filter for the dirty oil. Can you imagine doing those with make-up, heels and skirt? Granted that I wore the bun*ny suit and boots to cover my more-than-slightly-feminine outfit.

I also had found a working laser unit for my new experiment and have assembled a stand to hold it close to the sample.

Getting a bit nostalgic...
i am downloading kevin smith podcasts
is there a word that sounds like "demurage" and related to bank charges ?

hm? don't know
not familiar with financial term

btw..XXX was not familiar with Kevin Smith....

always relating him with Chasing Amy

the first one we saw .......

you remember!

it is hard to introduce someone to kevin smith with out getting all the reference...
yes i remember
aggie cinema

were you there with My Best Friend's Wedding?
" like College Station, Texas"

I think so....
aggie cinema

it was fun
good ol' days...

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