Friday, August 03, 2007

Bedroom Decorating

introducing...hijau lumut
there's 2
bright mode and 'let's get it on' mode

uhm I couldnt really tell which one is which
and then the idea of getting it on....while your parents are in the same roof.....eewwww

kan cuman teori

Pak for the sake of getting it on....potonya ganti dong
kurang artistik

akhhh...males beli2 gituan

why buy if you can create one
use those mad artistic painting art

udah abissss catnyaaaa...
udah ada sih framenya...

I like your marble floor
and are those white sheets?


harus bersih dong hahahhaha

i always go for the hotel white sheets it is..

ih tau nggak, waktu itu kan ada investigasi hotel2 ya....price doesn't mean sanitation
hotel2 mahal gitu ternyata jorok juga comforter nya lah, bekas ini itu di karpet lah


even on the bathroom mirror...eeewwwww

iya soalnya comforter and bed cover kan gak tiap kali ganti tamu di ganti
that's why we have anti bodies...
the question is, our homes are most likely dirtier
so...santai aja gitu lhooo least it's your own dirt


masak ada yang bawa bedbugs dari hotel
in your case...your house is much cleaner than hotel lah
penuh dedikasi gitu kan para asisten, ntar kalo nggak di repetin majikan...dan putra majikan

i dunno...

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