Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Barging in Business

Guess what, my old boss barged into my office today.

"Hi, Dr. S? How are you?" said I.

"Are you available?" He didn't waste time and immediately asked me to be one of his TAs again this semester. One of the TAs resigned even before starting the job. For the record, I've taught this part of the course for four or five times, I lost count.

I said I am not. But if he wanted to ask the advisor for the possibility to transfer me to this job and if the advisor said yes, then it's OK with me too.

Now if we can direct this job tug-of-war aura from the school to those companies out there, that would be really really great.


I'm having fun with the name of people I met in class.

While calling attendance,

"Firstname Busch"

"Yes, Maam."

"Any relation with the beer company?"


Everyone laughs.

Another one,
"Hi, I am, Firstname Womack."

"I am *giving out my name*. Any relations with the singer?"

"Ha, I don't think so."

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