Monday, August 27, 2007

Stupid Stuff for Stupid Monday

The world is against me:
  • Stupid colleague barging in without knocking to borrow a textbook
  • The same colleague barging in without knocking again to ask if I have five dollars in cash
  • Another colleague asking if I am the TA for that class (I am the instructor!!! Don't know why this makes me mad, maybe I am suffering power hungry and recognition deficiency)
  • The stupid e-mail from the advisor to make sure I have an assistant for the lab/class. This makes me mad because it implied that he wanted to make sure I still have time for a bunch of other crappy projects...
  • Stupid calculation
  • Slow internet speed, enough said
  • Who knows what will happen throughout the day (and to think that the first of my two sections is starting in a couple of hours, the other one is tomorrow afternoon)
ARRGH..stupid life, stupid, stupid!!! I'm such in a bad mood.

Btw, Happy 22nd Birthday, NY.


Anonymous said...

I thought you're gonna write a special entry for me today???? No more??? Tsk tsk tsk..such a disappointment


nadia said...

I'm sorry u had a not-so-great day, k'inda! hopefully your classes went great.. and ur kids are the sweetest lol!

and happy birthday to KYH! :P