Sunday, August 12, 2007

Live Blogging the CR

It's the summer and the AC unit at the apartment is not working. Maintenance guy said he needed to add more freon, but the compressor unit was too hot to open. He needed one to two hour time to cool it down. Fine with me. NY escapes to the library, I escape to, where else, the lab.

"I'll see you in 12 hours, Princy" I said when she dropped at school around 3:30 PM. The plan was to do a 10-hour high temperature treatment on devices in making. During the idle time, I will be doing analytical measurement on already completed devices. Effectively killing two birds with one stone, one might say.

After much of last minute hokey-pokey, I need to make an empty 2-hour preliminary run, which easily added into more than three hours to include the preparation time. The actual 10-hour run could not be started until then.

Also, I found out I need to modify the program for measurement in order to be able to trace another parameter. Until now, it is to no avail.

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