Thursday, March 06, 2008

State of Things

Ade's writing my bio...hihihi...I have a personal biographer!

Phone interview today with S*h*a*r*p L*a*b of A*m*e*r*i*c*a, they offered an on-site interview next week!

My goodness....deadline is approaching...dissertation (submit to committee members first week of April)...defense (April 23)


nadia said...

how come u never update anymore???

Anonymous said...

let me answer that for you:
she's too busy pacaran.


Xinda said...

Hush...somehow it's true...but of course there are other important things such as dissertation, teaching thing, job searching, job rejections, all while trying to keep my sanity alive. Blogging is time consuming. :P

Thank you for keep stopping by though. :P :P