Wednesday, February 11, 2009

On Being Sick

I am currently having under the weather days. It was just in December that I got into a three week spread of coughing that lasted well into the second week of January. Expectorant seemed to be futile and worst of all I stayed wide awake during those miserable nights. I didn't see the doctor, but maybe the verdict would be that the biotic kingdom taking over my body's defensive system.

This time, it might be virus. "Babe, I feel like crap, I have a fever of 101.5, I am aching all over, and the sangria only makes it worse," I texted the BF. He went, "Oh, it's the flu, Babe," and he proceeded to comment on a bunch of Crasians throwing a fellow into the pool on some birthday bash outside his apartment. Bener-bener nggak nyambung...Anyway, the alternating cold and warm sensation of the fever can only be compared to a contraction, five minutes apart and lasted one minute.

I am treating this sickness with a different set of mind. It's a chance to break rules on healthy eating, Baby! I went to get Cheetos, chocolates, and sodas. Needless to say, lost appetite got me. The only healthy meals I had consisted of soups and make shift lemonade from lemons a coworker just gave me this morning. There is also the inevitable excuse to not exercising.

My prognosis is that I will be back to my usual self in two days, just enough for the weekend, and not to forget the shutdown at work next week.

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