Monday, July 13, 2009

A Little Vain

you were hottt
in the purple dress
i demand a clearer pic

iya hot as in kepanasan, tan banget,

iya darker ya?
but it created a gorgeous backdrop for that jewel tone of the dress

:D thank you thank you you made my day
You did look thinner, and your complexion is clearer, what did you do?
Ah, it's only because I told you I've lost some pounds
As for the face, I don't know, it's probably the make up, LOL.

Aw, you all are so pretty. Green, brown...[he was referring to my friend's dress and my skirt and top ensemble]
Us: Thank you.
Did you straightened your hair?
Oh, you look so pretty...
[to her sister-in-law's girlfriend] Doesn't she?
Thank you..
Did you change your hair style?
Oh, you look good!
Thank you, I just straightened it.
Yeah..*nodding in approval*

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