Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Early Marital Problem

Husband is supposed to start writing his paper and dissertation once he's moved out here with me. I can only demand some progress, right? So, I texted him this yesterday morning while I was at work.

Daily progress report starts today!

His reply a couple hours later,

LOL I am at airport now.

What? He is not going back to Texas, is he? Suddenly, the chorus of one of the popular songs from lagu cengeng genre played in the background, "pulangkan saja, aku pada ibuku atau ayahku, u u u u [Roughly translated: please just take me back to my parents'].

I immediately picked up the phone and called him. It was improbable, but I just want to confirm the joke. He didn't answer.

Scenarios floating on the back of my mind, who's gonna make my coffee tomorrow morning, and, dang, it's gonna be lonely tonight.

The guy texted back not long after and reported that he was biking on a trail near the apartment. The end of the trail lead to the south part of the airport. But he did wanted to know what I was thinking about his first text. LOL.

I love you and your sense of humor, Mr. Ostrich. And thus born the term hubbostrich.

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