Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Hubbostrich Bashing # 258

I was simply saying thank you for this birthday present by posting it on T******.

Birthday 2010  021

Little did I know that hilarity ensued from my presyush followers.

@d***s******: @xinda_ woopitty whoo! wait, why is hubbostrich shirtless behind you?
@i***a*h***: @xinda_ @d***s****** AHAHAHAHA!! PHOTOBOMB!!!

In my defense, it was really hot, notice the sliding door was wide opened. Also, that's pretty much how Hubbostrich rolls and with a beer glass in his hand. Oh, my big fat redneck marriage.


Anonymous said...

here, birthday gift idea for hubostrich. you can thank me later.


Xinda said...

Dianosaurus, he shakes his head no. Try it again next time. Huahaha..