Friday, January 07, 2011

Office 2011

New year, new resolution, new hope for a better life.

This year I started at the 9 x 9 ft square patch of green box where I perch during some of my hours at the office. The project started in the spur of the moment the second day of work in 2011. I acquired a gently used white board from the division secretary by chance of reading her email a few minutes after she had sent it. And then a manager walked by with an LCD monitor and offered it to me. After another acquisition of keyboard a secondary work station was ready for me to use.

While I was rerouting cables and such to set up the work station, it striked me to clean up around the cubicle. After all, this little space is considered a second home and who in the right mind doesn't appreciate a clean living space. So, I threw away boxes and what not and rearranged stationeries and office stuff around. I then consulted the internet and my dedicated online designer to help me with decoration.

I touched up, cut out, and affixed some flower patterns from MS Publisher template to the rolling door of one of the shelves to the left of my work station. I decided to have shades of purple as color theme. Leaves (and two four-leaf clovers for good luck) cut out were added to fill in some left out spaces.

Cubicle revamped 2011

To continue the flower and color theme, I added this wicker basket that contain artificial tulips. This printed Periodic Table of the Elements has been with me for some time and I think the table and the tulips look lovely placed side by side.

Cubicle revamped 2011

One of my undying passions is to be learned in Latin, as such one of my favorite mottos is naturally in the language of interest. MS Publisher template striked again. I printed the motto into a tweaked template on a brochure paper and affixed it on the corner of the cover of the shelf on my right.

Cubicle revamped 2011

The other part of the right shelf rolling door is decorated with postcards from the places I have been on road trips. Postcards to me are such inexpensive useful mementos that posses minimum dust acquisition tendency.

Cubicle revamped 2011

That is it for now but I figure am not done with revamping yet. Next in line is some lighting to warm up the place and to use the wall behind me for further decor.

Happy New Year.

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