Thursday, February 03, 2011

Blot Blot Western Baby

While I was getting pulled in into a project with demanding work hours (this morning I got home at precisely 2:01 AM) and Hubbostrich is on a deadline for February 19 defense, our household has given up a few time vested luxuries such as meals from scratch and recreational activities. Before bed time TV watching is now reduced to numbness entertainment (well, hello, Aqua Teen Hunger Force) or dramatic money making ventures (American Pickers, Pawn Stars). Hence, updating this little blog is not a priority lately, although like Ms. Cecily Cardew character in Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest, I enjoy a life of deliberate contemplation poured in a written format, time permitted.

On my occasional free time at nights and weekends, Hubbostrich makes used of my playing editor skill to work on his dissertation. Did I tell you I enjoy being an editor? In fact, that's what I want to be when I grow up.

"Babe, you always forgot to put a period at the ends of your sentences!"

"Well, you sometimes can't see them in Times New Roman."

Such a ridiculous excuse. An Arial will work better, he claims. But wait, there are more of ridiculous situations coming my way. For instance, when Hubbostrich says he is done with a chapter of the dissertation, it means there are 50 unknown references need to be gathered around and 10 figures to format. Who is responsible for this? Yes, such a sweet life of an editor.

I still make sure to use my higher up in the food chain position to point out things to be corrected in his dissertation.

"I'm telling you this is not a good abstract, you have to be dramatic. Think headlines. Short and to the point, snip-snip!"

"F- the Thesis Office and their 350-word abstract," is all he can say in frustration.

Ah! A couple more hard work days and we will submit a draft to his advisor.

Bonus point:

Hubbostrich has been claiming this as the official soundtrack of his dissertation writing. He can totally relate.

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