Sunday, February 13, 2011

No Habla Ingles

Hubbostrich finally finished his dissertation on Thursday. He is working on the slides for presentation since then. His defense is this coming Friday. Apparently, all of these have finally taken a toll on him. As a little break, we said yes to a birthday lunch of a girl in the gank today. In the car,

I feel better today.

You were that burnt up...burnt off...I mean...burnt
out yesterday?


At the lunch, the two of us were casually discussing NY's recent drama with her job and how talented she is overall. [Crossing our fingers, but NY's going back for good is imminent. More on this tomorrow when words are finalized. Damn you, JCP. I so want to switch carrier to be an advocate of the law.]

I think your sister has an excellent English skill of anybody I know, even you!

...Hold on!!

Babe, you mix up words

Yeah? What words?

You want me to make a list?

[Thinking about conversation in the car 20 minutes ago] Burn up?

That's what they do at refineries, Babe

Burn off?

That's also what they do at refineries

Burn in?

That's what you guys do at your work

Burn out!!!

Three strikes and you're out!

LOL LOL Hey, but my writing skill is supposedly better than hers

Yes, your editing skill is excellent

I think it has to do with time you spend with

You meant I didn't notice her flaws as much as yours?


This reminds me of a conversation in the car coming back from a lunch with NY, brother, and then Fiancestrich. Apparently, I uttered a word with a wrong pronounciation and was innocently unaware of it. That prompted NY to a bashing which is pretty mild according to her standard.

"She can't speak proper English, you can't speak Indonesian, how do you guys communicate?"

We all couldn't stop laughing.

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