Monday, January 28, 2013

Hey Ho, Let's Go

Hey ho, let's go! The spider webs here are seemingly beyond cleaning. But one can always try.

Main entry:
What was that on the last post? The birth story? Time flies fast and what was a very hungry little baby is almost a year old boddler and his mom is planning a partee! So, even if you are not a caterpillar, you're still invited, if you can make it!
I am channeling my inner EO with this party. When was I had this much fun? Oh yeah, for the wedding in 2010. It is only about time. This past year has been full of ups and downs (sometimes, it feels there are more downs than the ups) and what's better to celebrate than a little colorful party in the eve of Lunar New Year. It is for the baby and for us, his parents.

Theme for party is based on K's natural predisposition to a certain giant board book:
Apparently, parents can go crazy throwing a party with this theme. Google it yourself but be careful. To this mommy, it is like opening a can of worms. I am excited. I am overwhelmed and have to revert to breathing techniques from time to time. I am not half as crazy.

Let's see how the actual b-day party unfolding.

Spread Sh*t of the preparation. Bonus item: Daddy's Superbow(e)l menu. Go 49-ers!

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