Thursday, January 31, 2013

That Little Card that Could

Hubbostrich and I have been married for almost three years before we finally put our feet down to apply for an adjustment of status for a permanent residency for me. I have always been maintaining a student visa or a working visa thru my stays in the US of A. I am legal like that.

For this adjustment of status, the amount of paperwork needed was daring and mounting. But two Saturdays and a couple of melt downs later, we finally got them done and sent both applications and pertinent back up documents overnight to Main Office.

You get to tip your hats off to the government for our case. Original applications were sent out to State X, they then got assigned to State Y, before finally ended up at State Z, where we are. It's amazing things did not get lost in the mail. Also, by the end of the third month (which is today), we already got our interview done with the agent at our local field office. The interview was relaxed. We were both under oath. We showed requested documents, he marked stuff on the application form. Hubbostrich showed him a picture of Baby K. We talked about streets named after WW II heroes. It was just random.

At the end of the interview the Agent said "I intend to approve your application but I just need to perform one security check by the end of today. If everything cleared, you should receive your card in 30 days."

Agent couldn't confirm to the specific of this check but one resourceful individual could always Google, correct? My speculation that it should be this one. For all tend and purposes, one can only hope the result will be a "No Record". Vaya con dios.

Let's see where we are in the timeline when I finally get a card issued (or not). I am reaching a point of desperation like never before for a green card which, of course, will be a subject of another post.

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