Thursday, February 07, 2013

Birthday Morning

This morning, Boddler K woke up without a crying preamble. An improvement, Baby Big Boy? He immediately smiled as soon as he rose from his sleeping position to a sitting position.

 "Good Morning, Baby Boy, and Happy Birthday!" I said. He smiled back at me. Like any overjoyed parent I took an Instagram picture of him and shared it with the world on FB. PS: his first three teeth are erupting. Two on the bottom, one up.

We then went to the kitchen where I prepared stuff and made tea for Hubbostrich and myself. I gave K a couple of graham crackers while he sat on his high chair. I sneaked him a serving of vitamin D with a spoon and gave him some orange juice from a mini Coke glass.

After, I dressed him up for school in a Batik shirt. This shirt was way to big for him back when his ompung boru, my mom, gave it to us this time last year. Today, I can barely button it down on him without causing him to suffocate. Baby Boddler K wears it unbuttoned with an undershirt.

While I got ready some more, I let K loose on the floor where he immediately reached for the book case and took book by book down. He then went to his school bag and took the blue food bag out. Pictorial evidence below. What a naughty 1 year old.

Finally, we had decent pictures of the Birthday Boy with Daddy Boy. Isn't Baby Boddler  K the most handsome "Pak Lurah" ever?


Anonymous said...

Yes yes. He looks like a legit Indo now. Happy birthday boddler boy.


Xinda said...

Thanks, Tante Yada! Muah muah muah...

Xinda said...
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