Monday, February 25, 2013

Party at Killian's

It is not my intention to mix alcohol and toddlers. Although, I've heard of the practice of watering down wines in some European countries, and that on some occasions, on some parts of the world, alcoholic beverages were potable while the water was not. Note on the word "heard". I haven't actually seen factual data or evidence of such practices.

With that disclaimer, I am sharing with you the following pictures. They were purely for documentation (and future bribe material of the subject). Again, no boddlers were harmed during the taking of the picture. Specifically, Boddler K didn't get any single drop of beer from those empty bottles. Although, we're joking, we need to find one of those plastic beer bottles as an incentive for him to drink his milk. He is such a weird kid. No single bottle, sippy cup, straw cup, even adult cup is good enough for him to drink his milk/water/juice out. So yeah, maybe plastic beer bottles will do. And, yes, children are impressionable. We, I mean, his dad, needs to be exemplary.

No, we didn't name him after the famous red beer.

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