Monday, February 25, 2013


I am guessing I am not the only one who hates to check on mail box. Everything is online nowadays, and oh, those junk mail, can we request a stop to that already? These days, the hatred is still there but there are a couple of things I was anxiously waiting to receive: my renewed driver's licence, some bill, and USCIS correspondence related to my Adjustment of Status application. After two weeks of not checking in, I gather myself to the box.

And....the so called green card is here via USPS! I am officially a permanent resident of the US of A! No more fear of deportation when my work permit expired or when company decides to tank me. No more! Baby Boddler K wouldn't need to worry about his mom got shipped out back to her native land.

What sweet is that what I have is not a conditional greencard. And since I am married to a US citizen, in three years I am eligible to be naturalized. Should I change citizienship then? I like the perks such as serving in jury duty (Law & Order naivette) and having a voice in the political arena (not). Well, who knows. We will think of it when the time comes.

Our timeline (here just imitating what people out in immigration forums posted, not that I am a member of any of those):

  • November 8 - Filing form I-130 (Hubbostrich's Petition for Alien Relative) and I-485 (my Adjustment of Status) together by ourselves
  • Mid November - Receipts for form I-485
  • Late November - USCIS requests for more documents pertaining to my legal status as of
  • December 10 - Biometrics appointment at supporting office
  • January 31 - Interview at field office
  • February 1 - Approval notice for I-130 and I-485, green card starting date all the way to 2023
  • Early February - Actual card received thru USPS
Three months just past by like that. You have to love the government when things like this befall on you, specially, after reading all the horror stories of the internet.

Thank God.

What's next? Changing my last name so we all have the same name? Nah, I like my name.

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