Tuesday, February 12, 2008

and I Don't Even Know His Favorite Color

Oh! I forgot to ask you for going out on Thursday.


Yeah, it's Valentine!

Oh...ha...I forgot all about that. Yes, I would. But I have a meeting maybe till like 9. Do you mind if we go that late?

Yeah, no problem. I think [insert restaurant name] they open that late.
Are you going to be ready by 9?

I don't know....maybe it'll be done by 9, but I'm not sure.

OK, let's tentatively make that a plan.

Well if not, there's always IHOP or Denny's..ha ha...

*crickets chirp*

If you want we can also watch a play on Friday...it's the same play that we went to last time. I know the lead actress. She and her husband, we are kinda are in a soccer club.

That'll be fun. We should get her flowers or something...

OK, I'll see you..he kissed me softly


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