Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Things I Said

Over the performances from international students organizations yesterday, among others was the Mexican Students Association. Oh, the lively yell and oration. Viva...! Viva...!

Wow, it feels as if they are going to start a revolution! I am going to run for my life...

You are bad! LOL...Why don't start yelling yarriba! yarriba! and start shooting gun in the air...


Next was the performance from Malaysia, specifically, a one-man show, the guy is from the Borneo part of the country.

You know, the native people in that island was still practicing head hunting until recently. Headhunters, right, that's what they call it.

Yeah..headhunters, you're so bad. First, Mexicans were going to start a revolution, now the Malaysians are headhunters!


And then it was the Columbian's turn.

...and the Columbians are...drug dealers...(whispering on his ears)

I can't imagine these are all coming from you! Stereotyping....


And finally, on the walk home...

So, what are Indonesians?

We are just plain crazy.

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