Thursday, February 14, 2008

Not Wearing Black

Good morning (I'd like to start the post just like Rev. Run at the end of his Run's House show, he he he).

Happy Valentine to all of you!

Unlike the yesteryears of my far-from-baneful existence, I will have a dinner date tonight, on Valentine's Day! Am I excited? Yes. I usually give NY chocolate this time of year--I am not sure if she ever gave me any in return. So for sure it's a big leap from there.

One thing though, I don't know where this so-called relationship is going. My hunch is that we both are just trying to have fun and to be polite to each other so not to break it up. Come to thing of it, there's nothing to break anyway. Do I know him more? Not really...Does he know me more? Maybe...This is getting depressing. Is this what you called building a relationship?

On that note, have merry happy Valentine's!

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