Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Homily and OLOP

Another thing I miss about College Station, the other being working out at the Rec Center, is attending mass St. Mary's. I haven't felt at home in the many Catholic churches I have been to here and around town. One in particular is the popular OLOP. The feeling that I am merely a visitor as opposed to a parishioner has nothing to do with the two incidents there in which a man unsolicited giving me a pamphlet on dressing Marianly, one in the middle of Mass, one at the parking lot after. It is more about the homily.

To me the homily is one the most anticipated parts of Mass. All these times I haven't been able to get the gist of the homilies on the Masses offered at OLOP with different priest at different times. I'd say this is largely due to the state of the sound system which acoustic is probably affected, to my guess, by the structure of the church building itself. Second, it might be due to do with the way the sermon is presented. Back in St. Mary's, sermons were presented in a way that they were easy to comprehend that they almost certain touched bases every time. Although, at the OLOP cases, I couldn't really certain if each and every sermons were 'too heavy' as I couldn't hear it clearly every time.

This next time, I will try to sit closer to the altar and gather up an extra focus more during the sermon. All those yoga practices should be useful then.

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