Friday, November 14, 2008

New Beginning?

I thought I should start writing again. I think it is important to continue to chronicle my life now that I have moved to a new place, living on my own, started a new job, and trying to work out a long distance relationship (not just between the two of us but among the extended families). In short, this is still about the juggling of life but with new sets of problems. The ones associated with becoming a responsible adult. Who would have thought I will be experiencing all of these.

I got everything I have dreamed of in life: health, a degree(s), a job, a meaningful relationship. For those I am thankful. I thought those are all I had ever wanted and then I will finally be happy.

Truth is I find it hard to fall a sleep most nights. It has to do with aspirations such as that I want to do more with my life, I want to learn to be grateful, I want to move on to the next step on the relationship, I want to build a solid financial standing, I want to be happy, if not happier.

So I am throwing this to you guys out there. Is it too much to be wanting more? Or are we just... human?

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