Sunday, November 23, 2008

Shutdown Rambles

So, inline with the last post, the company exercised the first of the shutdowns in Q1 2009 effective this Monday. This means yours truly have nine days of Thanksgiving break, except that she couldn't afford to change her plane ticket to go back to dear ol' CS from the original day of Thanksgiving to this weekeend. What a girl to do to cover the five days in between? Well, having fun in her own way, off course.

1. Sleeping in. She forgot how much she loves sleep. She got pretty good at brushing up her old skill as she woke up a minute past noon today.

2. Shopping. She has a couple of shopping list to do since discovering Trader Joe's and Ranch 99 (oh and don't forget the many Goodwill around towns). She's also in search for a good book for the BF's nephew that she adores so much. The boy is cute and well too smart for his seven years of age.

3. Watching free movies on demand. She discovered this Comcast feature a while ago and has been using it effectively almost every weekend. Last night only, she managed to watch two of the agent Double O Seven's in HD, one with Mr. Connery and one with Mr. Moore. Delicious.

4. Exercising. Two times a day, in the morning for the usual aerobics and weight exercises, and at 6:30 PM with the free class at the apartment's work out center.

5. Cleaning up and organizing. The apartment and her work notebook. Where is that damn data cable, anyway. She needs to transfer the pictures from the cellphones in a more affordable way.

What she's not doing:

1. Cooking "elaborate" meals. She just need to use up the stuff in the fridge anyway.

2. Going to a birthday party at some club. First, she didn't feel like dressing up, and there is a dress code in which she doesn't have a thing handy to dress with. Second, she's not sure if the birthday girl is the girl she knows, name confusion that is. She could've picked up the phone and called someone but, third, hmm, she had her share of fun Friday with the free ticket to an MMA event. It was on the corporate suite with free beers, pizza, wings, some cookies. More on this and the "after party" after.

What she's dreaming of:
1. She could afford a camera. A DSLR one, not another Point and Shoot. Maybe next year when the financial situation is a little bit better?

2. This is craziness talking. But yeah, she wanted to be in a nuptial relationship with the BF sometime in the future--and by the future, she means by the end of next year. Again, can she/they afford it? And by afford, she means mentally, logistically and financially.

See, she's still the economical (read: penny-pinching) homebody (read: anti-social) girl she's always been. And so the end of the ramblings.

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