Saturday, May 26, 2007


Went to Jakarta (on Monday) for visa appointment (on Tuesday). Thank God, I got the visa.

Went to Bandung on Wednesday, met with these salt to the earth on Thursday. :)

A la Cingular pose.

Thou-shouldn't-crop-moi-from-this-picture-and-post-it-on-your-FS-or-else pose.


nadia said...

OMG!! memedtz... dino .. & sandhy! hahha how are they? im sure u took more pics right? i cant wait for u to come back... call me when u get home okay kak? ive missed you tons.

kodoque said...

hahahhaha. kok sama semua yah?
gak ada yang berubah..?? hauhuahuhuaa...i misshh you kak