Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Thunderstorm is Coming

question.... u probably know the bible luar dalem... are these verses real? http://www.whywontgodhealamputees.com/wiki/tiki-index.php?page=
abis gak punya bible sih...can't check :P

bentar ...you can always find one online...

Exodus 35:2 is real
"For six days work may be done, but on the seventh day you shall have a holy day, a sabbath of complete rest to the LORD; whoever does any work on it shall be put to death." ooooo...kay....
u better not be workin' on Sundays missie!

well they are all real

but you have to put them into context...and not taking them literally....

that's what a bible wisegirl would say


:-O....well you might not think so...but there are plenty of "literalists"

yeah I know
I haven't read my bible for a long time....it's kinda hard to really "read" those
I know enough just to survive

hahaha...gue di hotel baca sedikit udah berair mata gue (ngantuk) lol

you have to read Psalm though

itu bagus buat orang sedih dan menderita

kalo elu lagi

what? I never read the good things....
I just read the bad ones so I can argue about it on message boards




nadia said...

good deal.

ur friend is funny.. mata beraer.. tp krn ngantuk. HAHAHHA

Xinda said...

Well...what he said was that the bible is boring.

FYI, the guy doesn't believe in organized religion. But oddly enough, he still confirm to some stuff of his religion for the sake of the parents.