Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I woke up fresh this morning--despite getting awaken multiple times during the night--with today's work plan on my mind. On my plan, I would finish quite a lot of the essential parts of a certain device fabrication by the end of work day. If I were The Brain, this was going to be the magnum opus for a worldly domination.

I hastily got ready, picked out some ensemble in red from the closet, which includes a red faux-leather belt worn high waisted on top of a black cardigan, but I digress. I was graceful that the car battery of unknown remaining lifetime still works in the chilly northern California morning. That and the light traffic were instrumental in bringing me to arrive at work a minute to the hour of nine. "Aha, the machines are going to be all mine," a little smirk lighted up my face.

Alas, just like my rodentia alter ego, things started going down on the very first step of the plethora of procedures I have to follow. I successfully accomplished nothing but irk by lunch time. What annoyed me most was how egoistic people are on the race to finish up tasks at hand. Little did I realize that those people include yours truly. And yet I couldn't help to nurture a sexist sentimental feeling of a little girl faces the still macho world of this industry all by herself.

My frustration grew exponentially as obstacles recurred on every single step. There I was the Job of Silicon Valley. Unlike the biblical figure, I continued to grumble (and beyond). But somehow the light at the end of the tunnel got brighter as the night progressed. I calmed down and I was back full course on my mission. After spending twelve hours and thirty minutes mostly standing on my feet, I drove back home finally attaining my goal for the day. I am hoping tomorrow is a more pleasant work day and that the device works as is, but mostly I am hoping I could be more calm and collected in cruising through tough situations at work or otherwise.

How was your work/study day?

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