Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sick Again?

Tada...would you believe that yours truly is sick again. This time, whateveritis is riding on a fast track. By the second day, I have a runny nose, by the third day (today) I was in multiple coughing fits. I popped the only over-the-counter medication I had on my medicine cabinet just before the weekly meeting with the group. I anticipated its "comparable to a Nyquil" effect by preparing myself a cup of hot Orange Pekoe tea--a black tea variant I just discovered recently. The tea somehow worked to counter act the drowsiness lest I would have passed out not twenty minutes into the meeting. Instead, I was just experiencing a marked sleepiness lullabied by people "discussing" important-but-less-interesting business and technical matters at hand. LoLs. The effect worn out after two hours, though.

On to the next sickness. ETS, extrapolated time of sickness, is 40 days from today.

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