Thursday, March 12, 2009

Music on My Mind

Human brain is amazing. Should I shout this out loud? When the body has been deprived of something, it will signal the brain to relieve the situation, hence, we experience crave. Some common examples, for instance, are that when you are thirsty, you want to drink something, when you are tired, you want to rest, and so the list goes. It didn't hit me until late that craving goes behind the physical need but also happens on a mental state.

I have been listening to AM radios while driving, most notably the ESPN radio, the NPR, and the recently discovered Catholic radio station, AM 1260. While at home I watch TV programs, on the internet I browse over typed materials, on the elliptical I catch up on books. That is to say, my exposure to the pleasure of listening to the mellifluous harmony that is music has been unintentionally kept to a minimum.

I have come to notice that these past two or three days my brain has become its own music player. Songs were shuffled in my mind on random moments. The songs were from different genres, ranging from Taizé to The Smashing Pumpkins, and were never repeated. I can hear them played in my mind almost as complex as the original recording. All was beyond the control of my conscious mind.

To tie it back to my original premise, I conclude that I had been severely deprived from music solely on its own, my brain in turn is trying to relieve it by serving music à la carte.

I just find it all enlightening. It is perhaps also interesting to experience similar enlightenment on the other end of the exposure, that is, when the body is overwhelmed with a certain sensual pleasure.

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