Tuesday, January 29, 2008


The day was supposed to be started with a quick drive through at a favorite snack place and then we would be on our merry way to H-town. What were we thinking. It was already pass 12 PM.

"Can I have five of the iced nuts and one of the cream filled, please."

"Mam, we don't have anymore of the iced nuts, in fact we barely have anything now. You're welcome to come inside to look."

"Okay then, I will have five of those, and a chocolate milk, and two waters, please."

"Dollar even."

"Are you sure?" I motioned to the milk, the donuts and the water. I should've wiped them clean.
Reason for the trip: bridesmaid dresses shopping. Our beautiful bride-to-be had carefully made appointments at two different bridal establishments, a big national chain over on Westheimer and an independent one in Chinatown. Either way, we were never far from the center of culinary heaven that is H-town.

Big national chain has advantage in the size and variety of selections, not so much on quality. The mom-and-pop offers better style. It's probably not too far fetched to say that these bridal businesses seem to cater to statistics (7.5 marriage : 3.8 divorce per 1000 population). A divorce-rate limited!

Needless to say, the three of us were this close from turning into bridesmaidzillas. Sometimes watching too much TLC is not good for your soul. The consensus was a halter neck for one (in the hope to alleviate a certain booby-ness situation), tube dress for the petite one, and a v-neck for another. Against all precarious notions, we settled on dresses with the exact same style, and the oohs and the ahhs commencing. Until somebody brought up the style of the reception which in the end resulted in a unanimous voted against the dress. This, of course, warrants for (hopefully) another shopping trip. LOL.

I am glad the bride-to-be has ordered hers.

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