Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Train Has Left the Station


you know what J, I was just thinking

what u thinking girl

like the playa...we have the same interest on musics, books, sports, topics for discussion, etc...
even chocolate!
so I thought I found the guy version of me...a soul mate...

dont get ur hopes too high yet
the fall will be higher
and besides everybody always say that when u are starting to know each other, the puppy love

well yes..that exactly somehow my point
you don't need someone to have the same interests
it takes the mystery out of the relationship...the fun is actually less...the exploration is dull
no I dont have hopes on is more like a spur of the moment...the joy of bumping into someone who can have the same interests as me...
is it weird thinking?

sorry was in wece
and talking to mom too the same time?

noooooooooooooooooooo of course
was cleaning something in restroom

hhi ok

u puppy in lov

hm...never met someone like before...that's just one in a million chance

everybody always say that

ok..I never said it before

oh well

yeah..oh well...
if it wasnt meant to be it wasnt meant to be
what do we know right
any kino from u?
ur fault

I'm just not used to it..

get used to it
or the train will leave
for good
or it might have left long time ago


turn and look behind u
do u see it?

dang double dang

its gone

and it was a bullet train too
no wonder I missed it
I'm accustomed to the coal powered one

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