Friday, January 04, 2008


my was like an epiphany...

what? what?

tadi malem gue baru, I'm 28...
will I have a family of my own...the biological clock is ticking..the window is getting smaller
asli ketakutan gitu? my goodness

lets put it in perspective you're about to get something VERY few people get... so you had to sacrifice something else

I's just it was never this real before...

And you're only 28... lots of people get married in their 30s the bio clock is long from expiring

who knows I might get an early menopouse (I'm sometime paranoid)


trus di Golden Girls..the episode was about artificial insemination
will I be reduced to that? LOL

ha ha what if a plane drops on ur head...what if what if

yeah, I know...
kemaren aja di Rec...kan basketball rim-nya di geret ke atas gitu because the gym is under renovation, jadi semua alat dipindahin ke lap basket...and I was working out and I looked up, langsung ngeri gitu gimana kalo ketimpa besi dua ton...

ha ha

and the worst was the other night when I was about to withdraw a larger sum of money from the ATM, and there was this black guy on the bike with his hoody up suddenly making a turn and waited in line for me to finish my withdrawal...and this was Northgate...I prejudiced as well as being a paranoid

ha ha

well you know...with the Katrina victims still around...and you should read the police reports nowadays (Federal Clery Act)
CS aint that safe anymore

i know...i always lock the door when a suspicious looking black dude gets near

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