Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Homeless Guy and Purse

My cellphone rang yesterday around 6 PM. On the caller ID was the number of a friend, M, who just had lost her purse the day before.

Hello, Mam, are you Inda? My name is Terry Brown and I am a homeless person. I found a purse on a dumpster and I am making a call from the cellphone I found inside the purse. I looked at the wallet, and she is a very pretty lady, I just don't want people to use all her credit cards here. There are a wallet full of cards, keys, key to an office building, and a checkbook. Now, I don't know if somebody else had been through it and dump the bag, but I have the rest of it like I said before.

Wow, that's so nice. She told me she just lost the whole thing yesterday. She will be really happy when she finds out about it. I will try to get a hold of her right now, I don't know how since she doesn't have her cellphone now and she's not online. Anyway, I will call you back at this number as soon as I find out more. Where are you located, Sir?

I am at the Shell station by Antoine and HW 290.

Are you going to stay there all night?

Yes, Mam, I am homeless. I sleep during the day and helping around the station all night. Most probably I will stay here the whole night.

OK, sounds great. I will call you soon. By the way, is the battery running out?

No, Mam, it still has the whole bar.

OK, thank you! I'll talk to you soon.

I hung up and I called E, another friend who lives on the same city as M, so that E can relay the message to M. What do I know, E had let M use her cellphone the whole day, so I actually got to tell M first hand about the guy finding her purse in the dumpster. M arranged to pick it up from the gentleman the next morning. What M told me about him restored my hope on humanity.
The End.

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