Monday, December 04, 2006


Isn't it great to be able to say, "Aha, I just couldn't care more"? If only it didn't take that long to arrive to that kind of mentality.


Also on the news, Gates' confirmation hearing and St. Mary's pastoral team blog (ah, finally, something local).


Sometimes you meet this person whom you thought have no interest on what you're talking about. And then at times too many this person sweeps you up your feet with the uncanny, intellectual insights of the exact matter at hand (and funny ones too, with a straight face and all, just like that).

KIH, coba kamu nyanyiin "Chriiiist, the Lord". (It was the scrething high pitch ending part of O Come, All Ye Faithful)
Nggak bisa, Princy, kekenyangan....
Coba lah, sekalian latihan suara kamu.
"Chrisssttt...." *panting* Ah, nggak bisa.
Ayo lah, ini soalnya lagi ngebandingin suaranya si penyanyi ini dengan suara orang. Kok suara dia kayaknya jelek ya dan suara orang mirip dengan suara dia. Jadi orang mau dengar kalo kamu yang nyanyiin kayak mana. *we look at each other, cricket chirps*
Huhuhuhuhu...jadi ini buat konfirmasi kalo suara penyanyi itu dan suara kamu itu bagus ya. Sial...


Anonymous said...

Miss X, now, everytime I saw there's a gap in between the lines of your posts, I always hit Ctrl+A, hehehe.

Xinda said...

Ah, you've learned, young grasshopper. Find what you're looking for?

nadia said...

kyh itu jahat kali lah.. but shes so funny. hauhauhau